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GaZeTtE Ai

*BlAcK MoRal DeAtH*

19 April 1985
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PhotobucketMMM...Where do I start? Well I'm 27 years old. I'm an Art Major. I'm Mexican but look African American. I speak English and Spanish I'm also learning Japanese and thinking of learning Korean too. My passion is Art, Photography, and doing make up. I love drawing, reading and writing but have horrible spelling. I'm an open minded person. I don't judge people and I don't like being judge. I love to laugh but can tell a joke to save my life. I like dancing and shaking what my mama gave me even if its not much. I listen to all kinds of music from JRock to R&B (except for country I hate it) I believe that music is life. I would prefer to be blind than def but with me always blasting my music I might need a hearing aid soon XD I don't like to label people so don't label me!!!!!!

039I Love and Worship Gazette!!!!!!!!!! Their music means the world to me. I admire Ruki's voice and lyrics. His creativity is amazing and I would love to pick his brain sometime. Aoi is like the love of my life right now. The way his hands move up and down the guitar frets is magical to me not to mention his such a freaking tease!!!! Uruha is just a big mystery to me. His guitar skills are awesome too yet his so laid back and to pretty for his own good. Reita I see him like a total chill he seems to be one of the most grounded guys in the whole band and I just love what a freaking dork he is. Kai what can I say he is just amazing cause he gives his all for the band and for his fans and I love him for that and that killer smile he has.

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BOYFRIEND I Love Jrock I think is some of the best music out there. I'm open minded and like to meet people that I can learn new things from. I'm a good listener so if anyone needs a shoulder I'm here and its free of judgment.(^_^)

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