Gazette Remember The Urge!!!!

Photobucket How has everyone been?!!! I have missed my LJ!!! Even though its acting like a total bitch that's on PMS I still love it and Love You Guys Too!!! PhotobucketSo Remember the Urge is finally out and everyone that likes it are having a fangasum and those that don't have something new to hate and bitch about. As for me you guys all know that I'm a huge Gazette fan but not because I'm a fan I'm gonna like everything they do so I'm going to say what a feel about the new single and I also want to hear what you guys have to say too^^

I'm going to start with the main single: REMEMBER THE URGE!! I love the intro of the song how it starts with Kai's drumming and Reita's Bass and the screeching of the guitar and slowly picks up that tempo and Ruki begins to sing. I like how his melodic voice blends in so well with the hard guitar,bass, and drums. It really shows how much Ruki has grown vocally. His voice seems deeper and with more bass compared to how nasal it use to be 9 years ago. I also like the tug and war that Uruha and Aoi's guitars are having how they eventually come together in the chorus its something that I have always liked about the way they play. Yet my two fave parts in the song are when the song brakes and the guitars, bass, and drums start going harder and faster and Ruki starts screaming!!! But the vest part for me at least is Uruha's amazing solo I swear that man can make smoke come out of his guitar strings!!! I really admire his guitar playing skills. Over all this is a really good song in my point of view. The PV was a little simple and some how I keep expecting something more from his PV dont get me wrong I like the confusing story line that made me re-watch it just to try to understand it. I'm also glad that it wasn't just eye candy but I stll want more maybe because I know that they can do better when it comes to the PV.

CLEVER MONKEY. I am literally SPAZING over this freaking song Why? Is it me or those this song remind anyone of GazettE DISORDER days. I don't know what it is about this song that It has me doing a flashback and thinking of SxDxR. The moment it starts with that heavy guitar and Ruki's Psycho laugh I was hooked!!! Its fast and has this rebellious feel to it and It reminds me why I feel in love with GazettE!!! This is what they are at the root. The Rebel, Anti-social, Fuck You and the Horse you rode in on attitude that I have always loved.

CHIJOU痴情 What can I say this song is just beautiful from beginning to end. It has those hypnotic melodies that just seem to pull you in and yet its hard sorrowful. Kai's slow drumming really seems to stand out just as much as the guitars and it gives the song a sound like a heart beating and I just find that beautiful. I really want to see this song played live alon side Chizuru and Taion I think they would make the perfect mixture.

PhotobucketSo this is what I think. It went a little long but I just couldn't stop myself. ISo leave a comment tell me what you think? I really want to know what feelings did this single and the coupling songs gave you guys. I hope to be around more around LJ but you can also Find me on tumblr at follow me and I will gladly follow you back^^
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PhotobucketHi everyone long time I dont post but please for give me. I have really gotten serious about my studies and trying to define which rode to take in life. Still I had to take time to spaz over my beloved Gazette!!!!!
We all know that they are releasing a new album in August called Toxic and the New single called the Urge and also the up coming tour this year which means our beloved GazeMen will be very busy this year trying to make us all happy^^. So far I'm exited to hear the new single and see the full pv. This PV has me exited because it seem that they are actually going to have some sort of story line in the pv and it reminds me of Burial Applicant and this gives me hope that they might return to their roots but still bring something new mind you that I had hope for this before with PLEDGE but it didn't have any kind of plot just a water prof girl crying all threw the vid which dissapinted me but I did like the song. Now with this new single for the 36 seconds of the preview its got me loving the hard bass line that just gets me pumped and the glips of a plot. The new look is great!! I think this time is more about their song and less about the eye candy and I'm seriously happy about that because we have been looking at nothing but eye candy since the Before I Decay video. I know some people are not going to like it their going to say that their selling out and blah blah blah but its good beacuse its going to be all about the music and that's all that really matters. Well we just gotta wait and see what they come up with nextPhotobucket
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VORTEX - the GazettE + Comment (J-Melo 110523

AAAAAAAAH Gazette PV in J-Melo and the award for most requested artist!!! I 'm already in love with the song and the video is pretty good I like the hard sound of the song and hope the b-side of the single are just as good. It sucks that they cut the video but it made me happy to see so much of it!!! I hope that they really come tour overseas we have been waiting a long time and from what they have been saying I thing it just might happen soon^^
(I can Hope)

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Sylvia Ji Paintings

I have fallen in love with her art work. It's sensual, cultural, unique and inspiring. It really speaks to me. She has quickly become my favorite artist and that fact that she lives here in L.A gives me hope to someday go to one of her galleries and buy one of her beautiful master pieces. Please check her out if you haven't^^
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Stand Up 4 Japan JRock Auction!!!

The auction has started and the stuff that they are selling is pretty rare and special. Gazette has donated a lot of good stuff:

Ruki gave 2 stage out fits and sunglasses and rings

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Kai gave one of his drums with the case signed by him.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Reita gave a brown jacket and ride with the rockers underwear (I dont think he wore them)
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Aoi gave a Tokyo Dome Tour Jacket and an Autograph picture.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Uruha also gave a stage outfit his sleeveless hoodie.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

You can bid on all the items and see if your lucky enough to win the bid. Its for a good cause so open your hears and wallets. There's also stuff from Alice Nine, Plastic Tree,D'Ray, T.M Revolution and so many more. OFFICIAL PAGE
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Vortex Long Preview

074I seriously just died!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I think I'm already in love with this song and I haven't heard it all but I love the heaviness of it!!!
I always seem to like Gazette's heavier song than their ballads but I'm not making a total judgement until I hear and see the whole video. Still it sounds great.
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Unjustide Killing!!!!

I feel very sad about this because it happen a block a way from where I live. I was outside with a friend when the guy that got shot drove by my house followed by police. I honestly did not think much about it cause this is LA and car chases are common and they usually just arrest the guy and that's it but this one was different. As you can see in the video this was just murder and by the people that are suppose to protect and serve. They are calling it Suicide by Police and claim that because he had a gun he was consider a danger to society. I don't agree with this at all specially when they killed him in front of his daughter with no remorse what so ever. I'm just sick to my stomach at how people are becoming so heartless and stupid not moments after they see someone get killed they go on tv and act foolish smiling for the cameras and acting like you saw something great. How fucked up is this world that the dead of a man doesn't even make you feel. I really feel bad for this mans child and family. Does anyone stop to think that it could have been you, your friends or family?  I just needed to vent.

Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami.


teary green scarfWe all have heard of the tragic events that have taken place in Japan. The 8.9 earthquake and 23 foot wave tsunami that followed. My heart goes out to everyone that lives there. Its heart breaking to see all the damage and to hear how many people lost their lives. My prayers go out to them and their families. I was glad to hear that most of you are OK and that our fave bands are thankfully OK. I thank god for twitter because everyone got to keep in touch thanks to the site. I pray that things don't get worse.
Please help text REDCROSS to 90999 and make a $10 donation to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief. All help is appreciated. Please pray for Japan or Go to the Red Cross Website to help with donations.

Dir en Grey LOTUS!!!

Shake Your Pom PomsTOTAL FAN SPASM!!!!! DIR EN GREY IS BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! God I'm already in love with this song and PV. I swear DIRU never disappoint me. The song is beautiful, the PV is full of religious images and this girl that seams to slip into two (its like her soul separates from her body)  and dance in the middle of the band which I found it to be gorgeous. Kyo's Voice gives me chills I swear that man can work a mic. I like Kyo's bald look he can really pull it of it makes him look hard and I like that.  Kaoru and Die's guitars sound amazing they always complement each other, I love Die's long hair even if you cant really see him in the PV. Toshi's base lines really come forward with Shinya's drums it really makes the song that much more powerful. I have missed Diru and I hope that they tour in L.A again this year cause I really want to hear this song live!!!!!!!!

the GazettE in Tokyo Dome [TV TOKYO]


Say HiI'm back with yet another video I found in youtube of Gazette of the TV TOKYO broadcast of the TOKYO DOME CONCERT. It's not in really good quality  and the sound is kind of bad but its still good.  I love Ruki's outfit it reminds me of the NLSG outfit!!!! I just love him in Red/Burgundy colors. Uruha is wearing that awesome white leader outfit but you cant see him or the rest of the guys very well so if anyone has a HQ version please share. I hope you enjoy Waving Goodbye

I just Re-Posted it HQ and better sound thanx to ture0808 at youtube